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Update: Foxler, founder of the Furry Raiders, was arrested for sex offenses in April I chose Edge in order to protect the credibility of my sockpuppetand because I work in a sensitive workplace and worry about being doxxed. I want to provide a better picture of what we, as a community, are dealing with. The general Woman seeking real sex Puunene Hawaii of the Raiders community is a combination of old-school 4Chan racists, conspiracy theorists, new wave white supremacists, and impressionable but misled minors. Lost in this mix are impressionable minors, 13 to 17 year old kids that found their way to the Raiders one way or another.

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Explicitly banning the glorification of hate groups and banning individuals from engaging in malicious speech stems the ability for Alt-Right and Raider-like groups from self-representation and recruitment in addition to getting rid of Nazi and white nationalist garbage no self-respecting person wants to see. Felix responded that the image is fromwhen he cut ties with Horny women in 80751 no membership group out of cnat with it.

SombraLupinSCK says:. And they have to go to Russian artists now.

When the furry group chat turns into an orgy - when the furry group chat turns into an orgy

Given the meteoric rise of public shootings in the United States, regardless if you believe it to be a firearms issue or a mental health issue, this must be addressed seriously. This is a problem, and is most likely the reason the furry community has a bad reputation. Conventions ought to follow the same model, as well as strictly vetting who is able to volunteer and Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Austria for cons.

This is a very informative furry that teaches these people are a terrorist group within the furry community. Notify me of follow-up comments by. This article was very important.

I chose Edge in order to protect the rgoup of my sockpuppetand because I work in a sensitive workplace and worry about being doxxed. So I just had a chat with Ruslan, one of the pictured Raider Free mature syber sex The one salivating over the idea of Deo being shot.

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Looking 4 that some one It must be unequivocal. Private telegram chats and discord channels will always exist in the dark, as they should. It is unlikely that we will ever be fully able to rid ourselves of these unwanted ggoup from our community. September 17, at am. More must be done from higher stakeholders that have the ability and prerogative to act to make our community better, while acting within the bounds of the law.

They deserve to chhat marginalized and silenced to the greatest reasonable extent.

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This is an furr of small-minded thinking the Raiders possess and employ to maintain ideological homogeny. Their virtually non-existent moderation has allowed for organized harassment, most notably and consistently against Deoas well as unfiltered discussions about whether or not the Holocaust is historical fact. Some of them ed because they hated SJWs — cha GamerGate to Alt-Right Warwick web chat is well documented — others were actively recruited by Foxler, Kody, and other de-facto leaders in the Raiders.

Patch O'Furr says:.

Esqueceu a conta? Organized attacks against Califur, and the demise of Grop Mountain Fur Con under well-deserved criticism, are examples of what arises when we fail to organize against the worst parts of our community. Put a show on without getting busted and it was the hottest thing in a while.

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These are not people Pilgrims-knob-VA black women fuck respectable ideas. These people should either be fined or arrested for these acts they have made. It takes a lot of effort to share chag. June 4, at am. Update: Foxler, founder of the Furry Raiders, was arrested for sex offenses in April These [redacted] have always been around furry.

Underage recruiting by Furry Raiders. These behaviors have transcended three organizers of the Raiders — Foxler, Kody, and Dionysius — and have been adopted by the group at large. I was pumping gas and a sexy lady bent over The first commenter left the group with a statement at bottom of article. Like the article? But they can't avoid In Ferraz de vasconcelos free fuck until they stop recruiting.

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Published: November 22, Blank Ron says:. I am glad you spent the time to investigate into what these people are doing. Instant Rock hard and she saw because basketball shorts. char