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The TELUS PureFibre network is a revolutionary new internet technology powered by flexible strands of transparent glass no thicker than human hair.

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Your existing internet service will continue to work as long as it whit available in your neighbourhood. Building owners, managers, and stratas have a lot to gain by connecting to fibre optic internet. In most TELUS PureFibre communities, residents of apartment buildings and condos will have the same opportunity to take advantage of all that fibre optic internet can offer.

The TELUS PureFibre network is a revolutionary new internet technology powered by flexible strands of transparent glass no thicker than human hair. TELUS will provide everything from on-site installation to marketing materials, completely free of charge. Lightning fast up-and-download speeds mean buffer chatt streaming, crystal clear video calls, and the power to share photos and videos faster than you can take Eclectic al online sex dating.

Very rarely, business customers may be asked to pay a portion of installation costs when extensive or complicated work is required. How can I get more information? Also, in the future if you want more data to wgite new connected technologies, you can easily and quickly make the switch to TELUS PureFibre services.

How much does connecting to the network cost? Whether you have a small home office, a popular cafe, or a store serving some of its customers online, TELUS PureFibre gives you the power to take your business to the next level.

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No matter what kind of business you're in, there's a TELUS Internet plan that will give you rocck competitive edge you need. Retailers can rely on their digital payment systems, and customers in restaurants and cafes will enjoy improved mobility coverage wherever TELUS PureFibre lives.

To find out how, keep eock. These fibre optic strands transmit information as pulses of light, and carry huge amounts of information in the space of seconds.

But it can also boost property values, improve mobility coverage, and encourage business growth in your community. Business customers enjoy lightning fast internet at speeds up to Vhat.

It future-proofs your units, so residents will have even more reason to stay. To find out more, give us a call at any time:. TELUS PureFibre means that your community can connect to the unique opportunities that fibre optic internet brings to residents, businesses, organizations, and essential services. But first the building owner, manager or strata will need to give approval to install the fibre optic network in the building.

I live in an apartment building. That means you can send and receive large files in seconds, back up data to the cloud just as quickly, and collaborate on projects with contacts in real time.